Wal-Mart, iPhones and Nice Weather…


I took a short drive to the Wal-Mart just 10 minutes south of where I live.  There is a Wal-Mart in the neighbourhood that I live in, but it can be a bit sketchy plus it isn’t one of the “superstores” or whatever they are called.

So, the main purpose of my visit was to get dog food and biscuits for the beasts.  Well, biscuits were plentiful but they didn’t have any of the food that they eat – oh well.  It seems that they are out of the food more than they have it.

Anyway, I decided to do some shopping.  I guess I didn’t realize that this was a superstore or I had forgotten.  The grocery, meat and produce sections were really good.  The prices on everything that I bought were awesome – I would bet that I saved at least $10 on purchases of $100.  Not bad really.  I am sure that we’ve all seen the commercials talking about savings, looks like they might be true.

Some people don’t like Wal-Mart for various reasons.  Well, as I see it, they employ people, many people and even if the jobs are not top notch, they are jobs.  The prices are great – sure, I had to drive a bit to get there, but really, do I care about that?  Not really.  As long as they continue to offer products that I want at good prices, I will be a customer – no doubt about that.


I have been having some issues with my Blackberry Bold 9900 in the last couple of weeks.  Several of the keys don’t work, well, they do, but using them is painful.  Sometimes they work, no problems, other times, they don’t work and then when I press a key, I get 9 of whatever letter I was looking for.

So, I contacted the “powers” at work to see if my device was still under warranty.  Nope.  I was not surprised about that, it is a year and a half old.  I was told that I could upgrade.

My choices where a Blackberry Q10 (with keyboard) a Z10 (without keyboard) or an iPhone 4S.  I have set-up all three devices at work, never really played with them all that much though.  I honestly am not sure what is going to happen with Blackberry – will they be around much longer?  Who knows.  Over time, my opinion of the Q10 and Z10 has improved, but I was not completely convinced.

So, I decided to go with an iPhone 4S.  I realize that it is a model out of date but I didn’t care too much about that.  My new iPhone arrived yesterday and my co-worker in Toronto was able to squeeze my activation in.  I setup the device and did some playing yesterday afternoon.

I must admit, at first glance and use, I do like it.  The keyboard is pretty good and my typing speed is pretty good.  I was able to activate and get going pretty quickly.  The mail, contacts and calendar functions, primarily what I use at the office seem to work pretty good.  As a bonus, I can sync quite a bit of my music to the device which will be an upgrade to the iPod Nano that I currently use for my trips on the train back and forth to the office.  I am sure that I will post some sort of update on here in the coming weeks and months.

Nice Weather

We have had some great weather in Calgary the last couple of weeks.  This past week it has actually gotten pretty warm, not humid, at least by my standards.  My house has heated up pretty good during the day – too bad I can’t store that heat for winter.

Summer will be over soon enough I am sure.  September will likely be cool and I would bet that the snow will fly by shortly after the time that I return from my trip back to Ontario.


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