An Ontario Visit

Every year, in the Fall, my company has an IT Conference, somewhere in Ontario.  This year, we are in Collingwood at Blue Mountain.  So, they fly those of us in that are outside of Ontario and they are nice enough to also fly us back.

They are also nice enough to allow us to extend our trips as long as the price of the flight doesn’t change that much.

The Conference is Monday, October 7 through Thursday, October 10 and I will be extending my stay in Ontario until the 15th so that will be good.  I will be able to see family and friends that I otherwise can only talk to on the phone or whatever.

I have booked the Deluxe Suite at Chez Brenneman for 5 nights.  Friends have booked some of my time and I have put in orders for some of my favourite food that my sister has been so kind to accommodate.  Since I will be there over the Thanksgiving weekend, turkey will be on the menu – this is good.  It is one of my fav foods but I am not about to make a turkey dinner for one.  A turkey TV dinner doesn’t count – nor is it real turkey either…

I am planning on meeting some former co-workers for coffee, hanging out with another former co-worker at the Balls Falls Thanksgiving Festival and going out for a few meals.  I am hoping that I can catch a few innings at least of a Brock University baseball game on the Friday that I am in Niagara.  I do get enough baseball by umpiring in Calgary, but I used to catch a lot of their games – it was a good wind-down to the otherwise busy baseball season.

Zeus and Blondie will be trying out a new kennel, Country Club Pet Resort.  It is cheaper than the previous place that I took them and the facility is huge.  There is a swimming pond with Blondie, she will love that – I am sure that Zeus will just watch from the shore, he doesn’t like to get A) wet or B) dirty.  It is a bit south of where I live, but it is only a 25 minute drive so not too bad at all.  My 10 day trip will cost me under $600 for the dogs being at their “resort”.  I am sure they will have a good time and will be well taken care of.

So, only a few short weeks until I return for a bit – I am looking forward to it.

If you want to do something, book me soon – my free time is running out.  🙂

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