The Story of Zeus

So, back in July of 2006, one of my then co-workers was planning on visiting the Welland Humane Society to visit a dog that she and her daughter had found as a stray.  They could not keep the dog so they brought it in with hopes that it would either find its owner or be adopted.  For some unknown reason, I decided to go with her even though Welland is a little out of the way for me.

So, after work, we zipped down the highway and arrived at the shelter.

DB showed me the dog that she had rescued and suggested that I could be the one to adopt it.  I had never had my own dog – we did have a dog while I was growing up and although I did a lot of the work for the dog (feeding, walking, cleaning up after it), it was actually my sister’s dog – Brandy.  I came up with the name.  🙂

Anyway, I don’t remember what breed this specific dog was that DB rescued but it didn’t seem to like me and therefore, I didn’t really care for it.

I had no intention of adopting a dog.  None at all.  Then I came across this dog in its cage:

Zeus 1


The name tag on the cage read Iggy.  OK, sure, why not.  Nice name, I suppose.

Anyway, Iggy seemed like a nice dog.  As you can see, he was a happy looking dog and he seemed to be smiling.  He let me pat him through the cage and made no attempt to bite at me.  That was nice.

After spending 15 minutes or so looking at the various dogs, we left.  DB was disappointed that I had no intention of adopting the dog that she wanted me to, but I was thinking about the smallish Shepherd cross.

A few days passed and I kept thinking about this dog.  I called the shelter and asked if the dog that I was looking at was still available.  They assumed the dog that DB had rescued – I quickly corrected them and said, no, Iggy.  Yes, he’s still available.  So, at lunch, I made the trip back to Welland and put a deposit down on him and filled in the paperwork.

I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be approved since I lived in an apartment with no fenced in backyard, etc.  As far as I am aware, they never contacted the landlord nor did any other checks.  I was asked to submit some references and they weren’t called either.

There was a delay in me picking up my new addition.  I was told that Iggy would be about a week before they would be able to get him neutered.  I told them that I would not be using that name and chose Zeus.  They changed his name tag right away.

For the next week or so, I would spend my lunch hour by driving to Welland and taking him for a walk so he’d get to know me.

The day came for me to pick him up and I asked my friend to come with me.  On the trip home, Zeus puked.  Nice.  Well, as it turned out, he puked every time we went for a car ride.  I asked the vet about it and he said that it was just nerves and that he’d probably be ok after a few weeks.  Sure enough, Zeus doesn’t puke on car trips any longer.

Zeus 2


Here is Zeus a few weeks later, guarding my trailer that I had in Dunnville.  Although he is about 40 lbs (now, then he was a little skinny and was around 30 lbs), he thinks he’s a full-size German Shepherd and often acts like it.

As of August 3 (only a few weeks from now), Zeus will have been a member of my family for 7 years.  He’s turned into a pretty good dog and we get along well.

In December of 2009, Zeus and I took a trip to Washington, DC.  It was a full day in the Jeep to get there and we were both tired upon arrival.

Zeus 3


Zeus took quite well to the king size bed – he looks pretty comfy.  I have taken him to baseball tournaments all over Ontario and into the US.  We’ve driven all over Ontario and Western New York – he decided that puking on trips wasn’t necessary along the way, so that’s a good thing.

A little over two years ago, I got a companion for Zeus (and myself).  Blondie.  Zeus is her best friend, no doubt about it.  She worships the ground that he walks on.  Zeus tolerates Blondie and even plays with her, but I think he still doesn’t really like it that I added another dog to our family.

Blondie & Zeus


One of those rare shots where he will actually lie down beside her.

More on Blondie some other time.

So, that is how Zeus came to join me.  As I said, it’s been a good 7 years (nearly 7 anyway) and Zeus has become a good dog.  I am glad he’s been there through thick and thin.  He joined me, likely against his will, in my move to Alberta and he’s changed a bit since he’s been here.  He has become much more accepting with other dogs since we’ve moved here – Blondie might have something to do with that though.  I am sure he enjoys it that the temperatures in Alberta don’t get anywhere near as hot as they do in S. Ontario.  The winters are colder, but I think he likes that too.

Anyway, if you are thinking of getting yourself a dog and if you have the time to dedicate to one, there is, I am sure, a shelter near you with many dogs looking for forever homes.  Maybe yours will be as good to you as Zeus has been to me.  Thanks Zeus.


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