My New Vehicle

Well, it is new to me anyway.  It is a used, 2008 Dodge Nitro with just over 80000 km on it.  I doubt that I will ever purchase a new vehicle again, they are too damn expensive and lose way too much of their value far too quickly.  I digress.

I wanted a 4×4 before the winter returns.  If you know Calgary (and Alberta), winter returns early and hits hard.  I didn’t really mind the previous vehicle that I had (a 2007 Dodge Caliber), but, it wasn’t a 4×4 and wasn’t really my “style” of vehicle.  I like riding up fairly high and living in Calgary, there are so many trucks and SUV’s on the road that if you are in a car, you can’t see around/over other vehicles very easy at all.

So, after I had looked around a bit and test drove some various SUV’s, I decided on this one.  I had never driven a red vehicle before so that is a first.

Front Back End Back Seats Drivers Side View Inside Front


It has a leather interior so cleaning up the dog hair and paw prints will be a breeze.  I sort of wish the floor was leather as well, that would make clean-up VERY easy.

Zeus has a little hesitation in getting in this – it is much higher than the Caliber.  He needs to be encouraged a bit, then he makes the jump in.

The year long saga with my Jeep is coming to an end.  Well, essentially it has ended.  I may detail the happenings here at some point in the near future – guess we will see on that one.

For now, I will enjoy my new ride.

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