Boston Pizza & Baseball

I went an watched the MLB All-Star game last evening at Boston Pizza, well, sort of.

I mean I did go to Boston Pizza and the All-Star game was on.  However, I really didn’t watch a lot of it.  I sometimes tend to be chatty and last night was no exception.  I can’t even say that I really listened to the game either since the volume wasn’t on.

I left my vehicle at Franklin station and took the train west.  The new west LRT line opened this past December and to get to this Boston Pizza, it is perfect – the entrance from the station is at the back door of BP.  Can’t get much better than that.  The train ride took about 25 minutes and I am not sure that I could have driven that far that quickly.

Anyway, good food as always.  As for the game, I did see that the AL won the game 3-0 but I will admit, I likely watched less than an inning.  Since the on TV with the game on was to the left of me, it would have been sort of rude to ignore my companion and watch the game – I try not to be blatantly rude to people, honest, I do.

Anyway, we continued on a tradition of going to see this game together – we started out last year and had BP as company.  Well, for some reason he didn’t join us, could be something to do with the fact that it is a 4 hour flight.  Oh well – you were there in spirit.

We got our bill shortly before 10pm and I think we were both pretty well ready to call it a night then, but the waitress didn’t return with a debit machine.  So, around 11pm we decided to find her and pay our bill.  That was the only bad part of the service for the night.

The train going home was dead as I would expect after 11pm.  It’ll be a long day today, I didn’t get my pre-requisite 8 hours of beauty sleep.  I umpire tonight so I hope that the players are behaved, I am sure my patience will be in short supply.

Enjoy your day !!!

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1 Response to Boston Pizza & Baseball

  1. joanb says:

    Thankfully we don’t have video phone. I can’t imagine what you look like without your beauty sleep. 🙂

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