Big Brothers

As I am sure that I have logged, I decided to join Big Brothers shortly after I arrived in Calgary.  I had previously been involved when I lived in St. Catharines with sort of mixed results.

The first time I did this I think I was 18 years old so that would put this in the late 80’s.  My first “little” was a good kid but we had very little in common.  The only real activity that he wanted to do was fishing.  I don’t mind fishing, but, unless I am fishing from a boat, I could do without.  Well, since he liked to fish, we went fishing.  Now, in saying that he liked to fish, this means he liked sitting there with his line in the water but baiting the hook or getting the damn fish off once caught, well, that was my job.

I had an un-official little brother next – he was in the program but they didn’t match him and I coached him in fastball so that is how we met.  He played for me for two years and we stayed friends for a number of years until he went off to college and what not and we lost contact.

A few years ago, I was matched again with a kid from Pelham.  It didn’t work out well – he never wanted to go out or do anything, he wanted to stay around the house.  The match didn’t last long – perhaps part my fault and perhaps part his.

My “little” in Calgary was/is a good kid but I don’t think he was really interested in being matched up.  First of all, he lives with his Dad.  That made the match a little awkward from the start.  I almost felt as if the Dad was too lazy to do anything with his son, who knows.  The other issue was that this “little” was 14, nearly 15 when we were matched and really was a bit too old for the program.  He had more interest in hanging out with his friends than hanging out with an old guy such as myself.  After not having much contact with him for a few months, I spoke with the case manager at BBBS and we decided to end the match.

So, I am waiting for another little brother.  I have asked for someone a bit younger, doesn’t matter to me.  There are a lot of cool things to do in Calgary and the surrounding area and I know that they have a lot of kids waiting for matches.  I think that I do have a fair amount to offer so I really hope I get a good match.  I have coached baseball since my late teens and enjoy working with kids.  I think the only thing that kept me from becoming a teacher is that I didn’t enjoy going through university.  Oh well…

So, hopefully a match will occur in the next few weeks and I will take it from there.  Summer in Alberta is short and before we know it the snow will fly.  It will be nice to be able to get out and have some fun while it is still warm enough to be outside.


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