Dry as the Sahara, Part 2

I passed my ITIL Foundations Certification course, thankfully.  I did not want to have to take that again or write the exam again.  Phew.

So, what does it mean that I am certified in ITIL Foundations?  No idea…  lol

I certainly hope that I will not be asked to get any further ITIL training, I am not sure that I could handle it.

On other front, umpiring is going well.  I am about 15 or so games into the season and I have yet to eject any coaches and/or players.  I am sure that by this time last season I had given a few the toss – I must be more tolerant this season.

I umpired a double header at Foothills Stadium on Saturday and during the first game, I got hit on the collar bone by a foul ball.  It might just above where my chest protector ended – a fluke shot really.  It hurt like hell, but, at least it didn’t break me.  It is still a little sore to the touch today, no bruise though at all.

I umpire again tonight.  Not sure where the diamond is but I know it is in the south-west of Calgary so I will have to fight rush hour traffic. Oh well, hopefully it will be a good night for ball.


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