Dry as the Sahara

I am referring to a 3 day training course that I took for work this week – ITIL Foundations.  It is “best practices” for IT and the way an IT Department should operate.  I am not exactly sure why I was selected for this training, I presume that my boss decided to torture me for some unknown reason.

As I mentioned, it was 3 days long.  Tons of information, terms and what not being thrown out at us, a jumble of diagrams being drawn on white-boards and flip charts and a seemingly unending PowerPoint presentation showing us slides of the various topics being discussed.  It was a bit overwhelming actually.

Anyway, it ended with a 40 question multiple choice exam/test.  I am not sure how I did.  I will get the results either tomorrow or Monday, so I am told.  I am not worried about it – nothing I can do to change the result now.  Apparently, the instructor doesn’t accept bribes.

Speaking of the instructor, he was pretty good actually.  Had he been a monotone type, it would have put us all asleep I am sure.

So, the end of the week is nearly here – this is a good thing.

I am umpiring four games this weekend – weather permitting of course.  Will be a good end to an otherwise dry week.

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