A wet vacation…

I was on vacation last week.  I decided to take the week off and since it started with Victoria Day, it only cost me 4 days in total which is nice.

Started out very well.  Great weather, sunny and nice temps.  Thursday and Friday were another story as it rained steady for 2.5 days.  Oh well, I was able to do what I was looking forward to doing – nothing.

I purchased a washer/dryer – had been looking around at a number of places and finally settled on the Brick – they had a pretty good price and the extended warranty was way cheaper than other places.  It wasn’t like the laundry room for the complex that I live in was far – it was about 90′ from my door, it was at times pretty gross in there though.  I guess when you have a bunch of people who don’t care doing their laundry, things go downhill sorta quickly.

I was supposed to umpire a bunch of games but the rain wiped those out – oh well.  I ended up doing one on Wednesday evening.  Bought myself a new pair of plate shoes as well – haven’t had the chance to wear them as yet.

So, back to work this week and next week I am in a 3 day training course.  It will be pretty dry, I am sure.

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