Weekend update

I umpired a double-header at Foothills stadium on Saturday.

The first game was a Midget AAA game, not too bad at all.  I was on the bases, don’t think I made any errors – we umped a pretty good game.  Essentially, we were like umpires should be, virtually unseen.

The second game was the first time that I umpired the University of Calgary team.  They played a team from Medicine Hat.  I think it was a high school club, based on the line-up card I was given.

It was a good game, UofC pulled out a win, just barely.  It wasn’t a superb game by any means but it was over quickly – 1:43 for 7 innings.

I have not done a University level game before.  Back in Niagara, I was not in the “in” group of umpires so I would never be given a Brock U game.  I am pretty sure though that if the University of Calgary ever played Brock, Brock would easily take the win.  Perhaps Calgary had an off day, not sure, I’ve never seen them play before.

After the game, as my partner and I were heading back to the dressing room, someone joined us – apparently, he’s another umpire.  You know what I really hate – when someone offers advice and tips on umpiring when it wasn’t asked for AND when I have no idea who you are.  Keep your opinions and ideas to yourself, if you don’t mind.  In other words, fuck off.

Anyway, it was a good afternoon of ball.

I was supposed to umpire yesterday, Mother’s Day, but the game was cancelled late Saturday for some reason.  I am not too sorry about that though.  It was going to be Senior Little League and wouldn’t (likely) have been that good.

So, another week has started and next week, I am on vacation for a week.  Not planning on going anywhere or really doing too much, just plan on taking it easy.

Enjoy your week.

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2 Responses to Weekend update

  1. Joan B says:

    Hey, if the advice was good…take it. Maybe that way, you’ll keep getting the university level games. He might really have been just trying to help you guys out.

  2. kdarcy21 says:

    No, I don’t think so. Although only exposed to him briefly, he seemed like a “know it all”. Most people would open with something like, “can I offer some advice” – would be taken much better than just spewing out without invitation…

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