The season continues

I umpired a Senior Little League game last night.  I was on the bases.

I guess that I have gotten used to all-star and elite level baseball.  This was pure house league baseball at about the major Bantam level.  I am sure that the players love the game and were trying their best, but, wow.  It was likely one of the worst games that I have ever had to watch.

The play was a bit sloppy.  I know, it is still early in the season but the outfielders couldn’t handle fly balls, the infielders couldn’t handle ground balls.

The game ended in a mercy, mercifully.  Even though, it was 2 hours and 15 minutes of near torture.

I am back at the same diamond this Sunday with one of the same teams.  I am on the plate this time which will be better, I think.  I am sure that I will have to exaggerate the strike zone, otherwise we will never get out of there.

I think I am being punished for something.  I am not sure what, but something.

I appreciate being able to coach at an all-star and elite level over the years.  I guess I also appreciate being able to umpire those games as well.  I suppose if it weren’t for house league, we wouldn’t have all-star and elite ball, so, thanks to those players too.

Let’s play ball.  🙂

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