Where is Spring?

Well, I still don’t seem to have gotten the “blogging” bug back.  I used to make a few entries a week, at least.  Now, I am lucky if I make a blog entry a month, or every couple of months.

Perhaps one of the reasons is that my laptop is down.  When I used to have it on and surfing, etc., it was very easy to just make a quick entry, even if I really hadn’t done all that much.  I don’t turn my computer on all that often – today is one of those rare days.

Nothing much new on this front.  I finally did my taxes and they are ready to go in. I am getting a little over $3000 back which will be nice.  Most of that is from my moving expenses.  I changed my banking information so I am not going to efile the return, I will do it the old fashioned way and will mail it in.  I don’t really want to jump through the hoops to have work efile it anyway.

Spring is trying to arrive in Calgary, I think.  We had about 5″ of snow last Sunday and could possibly get some more tomorrow – that will be April 21.  Sort of late for snow, in my opinion, BUT, it is Calgary.

I am also heading for brunch tomorrow, found a great sounding place online and decided to try it out last weekend.  Well, it was so good I am heading back.  It is called Smuggler’s Inn.  I’d suggest the brunch on the weekend for sure.  I’d like to try it for dinner sometime as well.

As for today, no plans.  I am going to take it easy.


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