It’s March 12th

I haven’t as yet posted anything this year.

Just to let anyone who happens to read my blog or if they happen to care, I am not dead.  This is probably a good thing.

So, no posts – what’s been going on?  Well, not a heck of a lot really.  I tend to hibernate in the winter.  This was my first winter in Alberta and it wasn’t all that bad really.  We had a stretch of about a week where it was pretty cold, daytime highs of -22 or so but it didn’t actually feel that cold.  We have had snow on the ground for most of the winter, heck, we’ve had snow on the ground since a week before Halloween.  All in all though, it has been pretty good.

A big change from a winter in Southern Ontario is that we see the sun, almost daily.  That is nice.  It is sunny almost all the time.

I got myself another vehicle.  It is a 2007 Dodge Caliber.  Nice vehicle, I am enjoying having a car again.  I am not driving into work though, parking downtown is too expensive.  I drive to one of the park n’ ride lots and take the train from there.

Anyway, you are now up to date.  It really has been a quiet winter.  I am sure things will pick up in the Spring which is just over a week away.

Until next time.  🙂

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