Winter & Hockey

Well, it would appear that winter settles into Alberta a little earlier than what I am used to.  A week ago, we received an early winter storm – lots of fun.

I guess we got 6″, maybe more.  Rather cold temperatures, for this time of year anyway.  It has been between -9 and -4 for the last week.  It hasn’t been windy, so that’s good.

There weren’t too many plows that I saw in Calgary.  The side streets didn’t get cleared at all but they are clear now, it warmed to 6C yesterday, that was a nice change – we saw the sun as well.

It could be a very cold Halloween on Wednesday.  Well, cold by Southern Ontario standards anyway.

I went to my first Hit Men hockey game on Friday night.  It was an interesting game – it ended 10-1 for the visitors, I don’t think I have ever seen such a high scoring game before.  It was all right though – I have never been in the Saddledome before so that was cool.  Hopefully the next time I am there for hockey, it will be a bit closer of a game.

I am hoping that the storm that is hitting the East coast isn’t as bad a predicted – be safe.

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