The heat is on…

OK, I will admit it.  I am not used to Alberta weather as yet.

It is September 12 today – oh, by the way, happy birthday to my sister, JB, who had a birthday yesterday – I will not mention her age so that she has no reason to kill me.  Back to my posting.

I had to turn the heat on today.  I am working from home and the thermostat indicates that it is around 15C in the house.  Hmmm…  That is a bit cold I am thinking.

I have on socks and slipper like things on my feet and a sweatshirt and I am still cold.

So, I will say that this is the earliest that I have ever had to turn heat on.  In thinking back, I am pretty sure that I still had the heat on low back at the beginning of July.

It is supposed to warm up later this week so I am sure that I will be turning it back off and likely will be turning it back off this afternoon, but for now, I am freezing.

I am sure that Zeus and Blondie are fine – they do wear full length fur coats after all, even though fur really isn’t fashionable any longer.

It does feel nice though – it is starting to warm up. 🙂


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