Voice mail

I hate voice mail.  I have hated voice mail for a while.  When I am at work, I attempt to avoid leaving people voice mail messages.  If I call someone and get their voice mail then I will hang-up and I will send them an email.  If I call an office and ask for someone and they say they are out, would I like their voice mail, I say no thanks, I will send an email.

My cell phone has voice mail on it.  It will record a maximum of 3 messages and will save them for 3 days.  You get that for free.  You can pay to upgrade if you want to be able to take more messages and save them for longer.

I called Telus yesterday and cancelled my voice mail.  The rep on the line told me that my voice mail is included in my package, it’s free.  I told him that I hate it – please remove it.

So, now, if someone calls me, my phone will ring for a LONG time, 10 rings I think it is, perhaps more and then it simply disconnects.  Sounds good to me.

If I recognize the caller ID, I will call you back.  If I don’t recognize the caller ID, chances are that I did not really want to talk to you anyway.

I have voice mail at work, of course.  I try to get my calls at work anyway – they shouldn’t normally go to voice mail anyway.  If I do get a message, I will listen to it and then I will get back to you.

So, now you are all aware of my love of voice mail.  Call me, leave me a message.  🙂

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