Keurig Coffee & other stuff

When I left Ontario, one of the items that I sold was my Keurig coffee maker.  You know, it is one of the ones that uses the little single serve packs that they call K-Cups.  I could have brought it with me, but I figured it was one less thing to pack and would bring in some coin to help with moving expenses.

I was planning on using a regular coffee maker and being “old fashioned”.  So, once I got here I found a nice little single cup regular drip coffee maker.  Yick.

I am not sure if it is my lack of talent to make that sort of coffee or just that it really isn’t that good, but, let me tell you, it’s terrible.  So, on my way to work (back when I was driving to work), I’d stop at 7-11 and purchase a coffee – not a cheap option but whatever.

Anyway, I was in Best Buy and they made me purchase a new Keurig.  Yes, they made me.  They were on sale and they were on for a REALLY good price.  So, I purchased one.

I have had some trouble locating some of the varieties that I like, but wow, is it ever good coffee.  I guess it costs about 75 cents per cup which isn’t that bad.  Better than buying it out and WAY better tasting too.

I am going to the zoo today with TC.  We are going to Smitty’s for breakfast first, love their buffet.  It is supposed to be a good day, high in the low 20s.  The wonderful Calgary Transit system is doing track work – again – on a long weekend – on the tracks that I want to use.  You’d think that other sections need to be worked on.  Oh no…  Should be a good day – I have not been to the zoo here since 1986 and I think that’s the last time I’ve been to a zoo at all.

For now, I am going to enjoy my early morning coffee and read the paper.  Hope you enjoy your long weekend.

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