Another long weekend…

OK – this is more like it.  I do have to work tomorrow, that’s nothing out of the ordinary – I work most Friday’s.  I also have to work a full day, even though most of the staff will only have to work half of a day.  The difference is that I am a National employee (we are special) and the Calgary employees aren’t.  🙂  Through some sort of deal, the Friday of a long weekend always means that the office is closed at noon, or is it 1.  Not sure.  Don’t really care, it doesn’t apply to me.

Anyway, back to my weekend.

I am off on Monday, as are most people – it’s Labour Day.  I am also off on Tuesday – it is my flex day that I missed from this week because SH was off of work and I didn’t want to leave the office with no IT staff.  Now, I am sure that they would have been able to handle it, but who knows.  So, that’s a 4 day weekend – not a bad deal.

I work from home on Wednesday – I hope that all goes well this time around.

I am still planning on hitting the zoo this weekend.  Just have to confirm plans.  Nothing planned for Sunday.  Might hit the Stamps game on Labour Day – gotta see.

Anyway, enjoy your long weekend.  Welcome September.

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