So, what’s been going on?

Not a lot really…  Same old.

Working, not working.  That describes the typical day, doesn’t it?

It is going to be a busy one at work this week as my co-worker is off on vacation. I like that, the days zip on by.  This is another one of those 5 day work weeks – that would be two in a row.  How am I ever going to handle that?

Tomorrow is Wednesday but seeing as I am working, as I said, by myself, I have to go into the office instead of working from home.  I have worked the kinks out of my connection so next time it should be a little more productive being here.  I hope that the “soft phone” will work – I am sure it will.

I think I am going to the Calgary Zoo on Saturday with my “little brother”.  Let’s see – seeing as I don’t refer to people by name and I don’t want to refer to him as “little brother”, I guess I will stick with my convention and use his initials, TC.  I can’t use T as that, of course, represents someone else.  Anyway, TC and I are supposed to go to the zoo – his idea but it’s a good one.  I have not been since I was in Calgary back in 1986.  Wow – that’s a while ago…  This coming weekend is an extra long weekend for me as well.  I have Monday off for Labour Day and then I am off on Tuesday as well to make up for yesterday.  You know, the flex schedule – well, I decided to go in yesterday and I moved the flex day to next week – works for me.

Speaking of flex days, I hope that they extend the program into the Fall, not sure if they will or not.

I am having Rent-A-Centre pick up the washer and dryer today – they were supposed to be here on Saturday and they didn’t show.  Doesn’t surprise me – they seem to be a fairly disorganized business.  I was going to outright purchase the washer and dryer – they were a pretty good price – I didn’t.  So, now that I have no roommates, I can’t see paying for them when I can use the laundromat which is less than 30 seconds outside of my back door.

Well, that’s it for my update.  What an exciting one that was as well.  I hope to post some pictures of my zoo visit on the weekend.

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