No Jeep for you…

… Come back, 1 year.

Well, maybe not.  The final option that I had for paying for my Jeep fell through although I can say that I really didn’t expect it to work out anyway.

If I had the option of withdrawing funds from my LIRA (locked in retirement account I believe that stands for), I am sure that the banker that I was dealing with in Ontario would have let me know about it – she was on her game.  She also knew at the time that I was unemployed and might need a source of income.

Apparently, the rules do vary from province to province.  If I had earned the income in Alberta, I could likely withdraw some now but since it was earned in Ontario, I have to wait until I am 55.  Well, I am getting older but 55 is still 14 years away.

So, I can’t pay for a new engine for the Jeep.  Sort of puts me back at square one.

I might win an arbitration case, but, I need to keep paying for the Jeep between now and then – that could take upwards of a year.  If, after that time I lose, then I am right where I am today except that I have continued to pay for something that I can’t use, plus, it really isn’t good for a vehicle to sit, idle, for that long.

I am seeking some advice tomorrow to see what my real world options are.

I am the type of a person that I typically roll with the punches so it doesn’t cause me much concern really.  I guess I am lucky that way.  Some people wouldn’t be able to sleep with this hanging over their heads – that’s not me.

Oh well, I guess I will adjust to life without my own vehicle.  Walking and biking will be good for me and when I go to the store, etc., I am sure that the dogs will enjoy the walk as well.  Now, if winter will cooperate and not be too cold?

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