Wow, the middle of August…

I cannot believe how time flies.  It will soon be the middle of August, in under 3 hours anyway (Mountain Time).  Where has most of the summer gone?

Apparently, from what I am told, winter can start pretty much any time from here on out in Southern Alberta.  Well, isn’t that nice?

Today was interesting, weather wise.  It was 23C at lunch when I went out and then, within an hour or two it had dropped to about 11C and we had a thunder storm roll through.

Strange weather here and I am sure that I have seen nothing yet.

I always used to consider my birthday, August 8 around the time in Southern Ontario when we would have fewer humid days and the nice warm, dry air would take over and the nights would turn cool.  I am still trying to get used to the weather here and I have no idea as yet.  We are expecting highs in the upper 20s this weekend, likely won’t be humid at all though, I like that.  I am so NOT used to it, being used to the humid days (and nights) in St. Catharines.  I can handle the couple of days, maybe a week in total when it has been a little humid here and the house has heated up to an uncomfortable temperature.  Tonight, I had to close the windows downstairs and in the bedroom, I threw on my duvet – I will need it tonight.

I don’t think I am really ready to experience what an Alberta winter can throw at me.  I do own a couple of warm jackets.  Well, warm by Southern Ontario standards anyway – for Alberta, I have no idea.  I own a touque or two and one scarf.  I don’t really have a pair of good gloves and I have never owned a pair of “warm” boots – I have always been able to get by with hiking boots in the past – that may be a thing of the past.

I am sure that I will complain a bit about the wind chill – I will have to get used to putting on more clothing than I am used to, I am sure.

Strangely though, I am looking forward to it.  I have not experienced a “real” winter in some time.

Anyway, for now, it is still the middle of August and the most that I need is a light jacket in the morning and then by late afternoon it is too much.  Hope the summer lasts a bit longer though, I am enjoying it thus far.


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