No downtown for me…

I went downtown to check out the place right down the street from my office.  Well, it is only $22 per month cheaper than where I am living now.  I do pay for electricity, gas and water where I am, BUT, I would still pay for electricity there, plus, if I continue to have my Jeep or get another vehicle, it is an additional $90 per month.

The place is small.  Not quite 700 sq. ft.  The living room and kitchen are about the size of my current living room.  The bedroom is small, about the size of my smallest bedroom here.  The bathroom is also fairly small, not that you need a large bathroom.  There is a large closet at the front, but a lot of it isn’t really accessible seeing as it is deep and not that wide.

So, all in all, I have decided that I will NOT be moving there.  A two bedroom, which isn’t available, is $1250.  Wow. Move downtown and the prices go through the roof.

So, I’ve decided to stay where I am.  I will be actively looking for someone to walk the dogs at lunch.  I hope to be able to find someone as I really hate having Blondie in her crate all day.

Anyway, that’s what I did with my day.  How was yours?


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