A lazy Sunday

Right now, I can only think of a few reasons that it really sucks to NOT have a vehicle at my disposal.

It is a nice Sunday morning and I am at home.  Typically, I would be out somewhere with the dogs, hiking along a trail or a river or something.  That becomes tough when you can’t get to those places because of distance.

I am also restricted in that getting groceries is a little tougher than it should be.  There are grocery stores within walking distance of course, but if I were to purchase something like ice cream, well, it would melt before I got home.

I have taken a cab to get back from Wal-Mart one time, but, my “cheapness” for such things prevents me from doing that on a regular basis.  I had to somehow get a 30lb bag of dog food home, along with another 8 bags of stuff – well, the bus is out for something like that so that leaves a taxi.

Those will be the hardest things to get used to without having a car.

If I do move downtown then I will be able to use one of the Cars 2 Go services and that will resolve that issue.  There are also paths along the river within minutes of where I could potentially live.  So, tomorrow, since I am off, I am going to enquire with the rental office about going to the property by my work.  September 1 would be ideal but the beginning of October would be fine as well.

I will save money on rent, not a lot, but some.  I won’t have a washer/dryer in my unit, but really, I only do 1-2 loads of laundry per week – I think I could suffer in a laundry room for 2 hours and read or something.  I would save a ton of money on gas and insurance (presuming I get my Jeep back in one piece) and parking as well.  If I can do it, I will – I guess I’ve made that decision.

So, back to my “lazy Sunday” – what to do?  Well, I guess we will go for a regular walk around here and I will likely catch the closing ceremonies of the summer Olympics.  No other plans on my horizon.


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