Hmmm – what’s plan B, or is it C?

I cannot get a loan for my Jeep repair.  I can’t say that I really blame RBC either.  If I owe 18k on the Jeep now (not sure what the exact amount is) and then I add on 10k to get it fixed, that comes to 28k on a vehicle that may only be worth 14k.  So, I understand how they look at the situation.

Now, if I had perfect credit (which, unfortunately, I don’t), I might be able to get a 10,000 loan without much trouble.

So, there is another possible option that I am not really counting on.  I have a fairly large locked-in RRSP that is being transferred to RBC.  There is a possibility that I can take some of the value of that RRSP and convert it to cash.  I would pay tax on it, but then I could get access to the money I need.  I am not sure if I will be able to do this and quite frankly, I doubt that I can, but it is worth a try anyway.

If I can’t do that then I am left with a few options that aren’t too appealing.  I won’t continue to pay for a vehicle that I can’t use.  I do realize that it isn’t TD Financial’s fault, but, they are the ones that I would stop paying.  I am sure that they will send it to collections – that can be annoying.  I am sure that they would sue me – that would likely be annoying as well.

Anyway, I will find out on August 20 or 21 what’s going on.  I am the type of person who doesn’t worry about such things though.  Really, why bother?  I can’t change the situation.  I know what the options are and I have given thought to each of them but I don’t dwell on them – that’s unhealthy – it causes stress and no one likes stress.

So, I continue to be vehicle-less and that isn’t going to change any time soon.  Even if I get access to the cash I need in 10 days from now, it is likely going to be another month before I get the Jeep back.  That’s the middle of September…

I am going to actively pursue moving downtown.  It’ll end up saving me a lot of money and I will be able to get home at lunch for the dogs.  Right now, Blondie is crated during the day because she wasn’t able to be “good” all day long.  I may look at purchasing a pen for her so she isn’t in a crate – not sure on pricing.  I will be able to walk to work and, if I do get the Jeep back, I will save on parking and gas.  Right now, I am spending somewhere between $1100-$1200 per month for it – payment, insurance, parking, gas – that’s nuts.  If I do get rid of it, that’s a crap load of money that I could save.

Time will tell what will happen – I am looking forward to this saga being over.


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