Another long weekend

The last time that I worked a 5 day work week was in the middle of July.  I have had a few 4 days weeks in there which, of course means, a long weekend.  This weekend is no exception.

I am off today @ 2pm.  I take lunch from 2pm-3pm and then I am off from 3pm – 4:30pm.  I have lieu time that I have to use, if I don’t use it, it gets paid out and then your taxes go up and who wants to make an extra donation to the government?  Not me anyway.

So, I have an appointment at the bank at 3pm and will hopefully be able to get the ball rolling on getting my Jeep fixed.  I then have some free time and a meeting at 6pm for Big Brothers.

No plans this weekend really – no vehicle so I can’t go anywhere exciting.  I do have a transit pass now so at least I can travel about the city if I want to – not sure where I would go though.

Enjoy your weekend.

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