Moving Downtown?

Well, I have been without a vehicle for nearly a month now.  Not a whole lot of fun really.  I like being able to get around wherever I want, whenever I want without having to follow someone else’s schedule.  Transit is a pretty good option and the service is pretty decent, but it’s not like having a car.

So, I am thinking of moving downtown so that I can walk to work.  That way, I could get home at lunch and let the dogs out – they will be much happier.  I wouldn’t have to take transit to work, even if I do get the Jeep fixed on Chrysler’s dime.

So, Friday I am applying for a loan for the repair.  I will be using my RRSP as collateral so I am doubtful that it will be turned down, but there is that chance I guess.

If I do live downtown and don’t end up getting the Jeep fixed, there is a cool service in Calgary – Cars2Go.  It wouldn’t be a really expensive option for occasional use considering a car payment, insurance and gas.  They use those Smart Cars and I don’t think I would really want to drive one on the highway, but for in the city, I think they would be great.

I will explore my options for moving in the next couple of days.  If I transfer to another Main Street property, I don’t pay a penalty for breaking my lease – it is transferred.

Lots of options to consider…

On another note, today, August 8 is my birthday.  It was pretty low key which is completely different than what I have experienced over the last several years.  Work was insane busy but that was good – the day flew by.  I received a sort of a gift at work today, an iPod Shuffle – sort of cool.  It is tiny and holds 2GB of music.  Now at least I will have something to listen to on the trip to and from work.  If I get bored with what is on it, it’s easy enough to change.  So, I can’t say I am 40 any longer, I am now in my 40s.  Doesn’t seem much different than being 40 I will admit.  Age is only a number anyway.

At any rate, I think that 41 will be better than it was at 40 – that was a tough year and a great year.  I suppose really, the end of 39 was bad, 40 was starting to look up and it will only get better from here.

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