Long Weekends

It is the Civic Holiday long weekend this weekend, today is a day off.  Well, for some people it is a day off anyway.  Things are a bit different in Alberta then they are in Ontario.

Malls and stores are open today so, unfortunately, those people have to work.  I hope that they get some sort of “premium” for working today, not sure though.

Anyway, I haven’t done much this long weekend.  I’ve gone out a couple of times, did some shopping, walked the dogs but in general, took it easy and relaxed.

No real plans for today, it is still early though.

Hope you enjoy your day off today if you have one.  🙂


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1 Response to Long Weekends

  1. Alex Jones says:

    Self employed never really have days off. Make the most of your free time, use well to benefit your life.

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