My Jeep – the next Saga

I finally got a hold of someone at Customer Relations at Chrysler.  He was friendly enough, answered some of my questions and directed some others back to the service manager at Eastside Chrysler.  I will NOT speak with that man again, he’s arrogant and I don’t think he has any idea of what customer service is.  So, I got the name and number of the general manager and will be speaking with him.

So, not too surprised that Chrysler has said that they will not honour the warranty as it isn’t a manufacturers issue, it is my fault.

The next step I guess is going through CANVAP ( who is an independent organization that offers binding arbitration.  It is free which is good.  I may or may not win – guess time will tell.  I have to do some research for when I have my hearing.

In the meantime, it has been suggested that I pay for the repair myself as this process could take some time to resolve.  So, I will be in contact with the bank on Tuesday to see if I can pay out my loan on the vehicle and take out an extra ten grand or so to pay for the repair.

I do know a mechanic in Calgary and I am going to ask for some advice from him.  I am not sure if I should look for a used engine or just go with new.  I am a little apprehensive of getting a used engine.  I suppose though, it was a used vehicle to start with…  If I could find a Jeep that was totalled from the back, maybe I can save some bucks.

At any rate, I hope to have my Jeep back by the end of the month – I think that’s reasonable.  Please, wish me some luck with the arbitration process – I need some…

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2 Responses to My Jeep – the next Saga

  1. Brad Bell says:

    A few things I can think of Kevin.

    #1 Chryslers excuse that dirt got in the engine and wrecked it. How the hell could that happen??? Unless you took out the air filter and drove around the desert in the middle of a dust storm there is no reason for dirt to get into an engine. And if it did they should have damn well engineered against that so its still their fault.

    #2 How do they know this? Did they actually take the engine apart and find a ball of dirt in there???

    #3 If you do get stuck with the repair a proper mechanic (which you seem to have a line on) should be able to rebuild the existing engine unless you had a catastrophic failure. About 5 years ago my mechanic quoted a rebuild on my old car at about $3500.00. I didn’t do this (it was to pass the E-test so not worth it for a 13 year old car). Just make sure he offers some kind of warranty.

    #4 Even if your mechanic can’t do anything look for alternatives to dealers. They are definately overpriced. Maybe call up someone local like about this dirt thing. They may also know where a good local repair shop is for your Jeep.

    #5 Do like some customer here did here — drive it to the nearest Chrysler/Jeep high visibility location (Dealer or corporate office) and leave it on their front lawn with a nice sign in the window.

    #6 As a very last ditch effort if all else fails (and you keep the Jeep) call around to local high schools in Sept. when school opens. Some will have an automotive dept. and look for vehicles to repair at very low cost. I am sure the kids would love to rebuild a Jeep. Over here all you have to do is pay for parts (although there can be a waiting list so call early in Sept). I know its not very palatible to think about kids rebuilding it, but hey better then nothing.

  2. kdarcy21 says:

    Thanks for the tips Brad. To answer some of your questions:

    1 & 2 – Yes, they apparently did take it apart and they took pictures, which they will NOT give to me. I owe the dealership that I took it into a little over $300 for the labour to diagnose the issue.

    3 – The mechanic that I spoke to (at the dealership) told me that it can’t be repaired. I don’t understand this myself, I figure that anything can be repaired.

    4 – Good idea – I have purchased some Jeep accessories from a local shop, they seem to know their stuff and they all have awesome Jeeps.

    5 – I have thought about various ways to get them back – that’s a good one 🙂

    6 – I never thought of that option but it might work – I might not have it back for months, but that might work.

    Glad to see you are reading my BLOG. I am pretty sure when I worked with you (and that was a LONG time ago now, 13 years I guess), blogging had not yet been invented – of course, when I was a customer there, web browsing hadn’t been invented…

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