End of the season

I was off yesterday at noon.  A good end to the week which went by pretty quickly.  I will be going to Grande Prairie every 3 months or so.  Zeus and Blondie apparently enjoyed themselves at the “resort” I took them to.  I am glad that they did since I will need to use it in the future. They were pretty tired on Thursday night and much of the same on Friday too.

I went to the Okotoks Dawgs game last evening with ER. It was a pretty good game, ended in extra innings. It looked  like the Dawgs were going to get blown out but they pulled even in the 7th – it ended in the 11th inning (or was it the 12th).  Both teams had bases loaded and pitched out of some good jams.  The Dawgs did not have a good last month for sure, they had a string of about 10 or 11 wins in a row and then lost that many in a row.  Oh well – it was a pretty good season and was enjoyable to watch.

No real plans this weekend.  Still no vehicle so it is tough to really go anywhere.  I finally got a hold of customer relations on Friday – no change there and I didn’t expect one.  It will be going to binding arbitration.  I am hoping that they will see my side of things but, it the worst case comes true and I don’t get any coverage, I guess I will be seeing if I can borrow the money to purchase a new engine. I should be able to get the loan since I will use my RRSP to back it.  It will suck though.

Enjoy your long weekend.

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