A good week in Grande Prairie

Well, returned home from Grande Prairie this evening.  The flight was slightly delayed, boarding was 15 minutes late or so.  The GP airport is pretty small.  In the hour that I was there waiting to board, one twin prop took off and I saw two small planes land – oh, an a helicopter as well.

So, we boarded about and took off pretty quickly.  This time, I left my laptop bag on the floor in front of me so I was able to read on my iPad on the trip.

We had a little turbulence, nothing too bad.  We landed exactly when they said we should and then 20 minutes later or so, I was in a taxi speeding home.

ER picked up Zeus and Blondie and they were sleeping in the back of her car when I arrived.  They were happy to see me, I think, but nothing like I thought – I figured they would go nuts.

Anyway, the “dog resort” said that they enjoyed themselves and Zeus even made friends with all of the other dogs which is awesome.  I will use them again when I head to Ontario in September – I am sure that will be here before I know it.

Speaking of Zeus, tomorrow is his birthday, or at least it is the anniversary of when I adopted him.  It is 6 years since I got him – it’s been a good 6 years.  Since I do consider it his birthday, I am saying that he’s 8 years old.

Happy birthday Little Buddy !!!

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