41, here I come…

I will be 41 one week from today.  Let’s look back at 40.

Well, I left my job of 10.5 years just before I turned 40, what, 2 weeks before I guess.  So, all in all, that didn’t start well.  I didn’t find another job for 9 months.  Wow.

In looking back, leaving was the best decision that I ever made.  It is nice working somewhere where you are actually appreciated.

I moved from my home town while I was 40.  Forty years in pretty much the same place, seems like a long time.  Nothing against St. Catharines, it is and always will be my home town, but I don’t really miss you all that much.  Awful summer humidity is the main reason – I really hate the hot and humid weather.  Of course, as I have mentioned, we don’t get much humidity in Calgary and when we do, it isn’t the intense crap that they suffer through in Southern Ontario.  I am loving Calgary and hope to be here for years to come.  I guess I will see what the winter will bring, it’s only a few months off now.  Well, I can always throw on more clothing, but, for some reason, when I walk around naked, people complain.  Actually, I can’t say that I blame them.

My Jeep also died while I was 40 – still dead actually.  I am hoping to get it fixed soon.  I am still fighting with Chrysler on it, hope to win that battle.

That brings me pretty well up to date.  So, looking back, 40 had its highs and lows.  I am sure that 41 will be a much better year.  Here’s to another 40 !!!  🙂


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