Pet Resort Time

Sometime this afternoon, I will be dropping Zeus and Blondie off at a “Pet Resort”.  I am not sure how they will take that, neither have been left with “strangers” before.

I have had Zeus since August of 2006.  Since then, I have left him with T for a weekend, right after I got him, the next summer with two friends at my trailer while I was in PA for a week and then both of them with DB last summer when I went to a ball tournament for a weekend.  Other than that, I bring them with me.

Well, this week, I don’t think that would work all that well.  I have no interest in packing them in crates and flying them anywhere.  An arrangement that I had to have someone look after them at home fell through, so, destination Pet Resort.

I am sure Blondie will be fine.  She loves everyone, even if they don’t necessarily love them back.  Zeus is a little more temperamental I guess I’d say.  He likes people, well, maybe not likes, but he tolerates them at least.  Dogs, on the other hand, he really doesn’t care for a whole lot.  Dogs his size and down he’s ok with and blonde dogs he’s ok with.  Others, well, typically he doesn’t care for them.  There have been exceptions – sometimes he doesn’t like little dogs and he’s gotten along fine with some bigger dogs.  Who knows what goes through that skull of his.

Anyway, I am sure that the staff will quickly realize that what I tell them is true and they will handle him appropriately.

To tell you the truth, I am actually looking forward to some time off from dog ownership.  I am sure that I will miss them, but it’ll be a nice few days.  That sounds mean I am sure.  But, for parents who’s kid goes to a 2 day camping trip, isn’t it sort of nice not having “junior” around?  LOL

Well, hopefully the dogs adjust ok.  At least they will have each others company and I am sure that I will have two VERY happy dogs when I go to pick them up.

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