An interesting July

Well, the last two July’s have been interesting.

Last July, I left my job after 10.5 years and ended up being without a job for 9 months.  This July, I had one ex-roommate break into my place and he was arrested and the other made a choice to move out.  BP visited from Ontario and my Jeep died.

Hmmm – perhaps July isn’t my best month…  Well, August is right around the corner.

I am off tomorrow (Monday), the last day of my 3 day weekend.  I am going to check Zeus and Blondie into a Pet Resort so that I can head to Grande Prairie for a few days for work.  Should be an interesting week.

I have not flown since my trip to California which was in 1992 (I think) so that will be interesting.  I am departing Calgary at 7am on Tuesday morning so I am heading to the airport at 5am via taxi.  I get back shortly after 5pm on Thursday and will rush to pick up the dogs before they close.

Next weekend is another long weekend as Monday is the Civic Holiday.  I guess it’ll be the middle of August before I have to work a full week – not a bad deal at all.

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