Considering the options…

So, I will be waiting for a bit anyway to see if the repair for the Jeep will be on my tab or Chrysler’s tab.  I suppose it’s a situation of prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Gotta love the reaction of some people to this entire situation.  It is almost as if they enjoy the fact that my Jeep is screwed and I may be on the hook for a rather large bill.  Oh well, if that brings them some sort of pleasure then so be it.

Anyway, I have been thinking about my options if it turns out that I lose an arbitration case and they decide that Chrysler has no part in paying for anything.

Should that occur, what do I do with my Jeep?  Do I have $9500 sitting around, burning a hole in my pocket?  No, I don’t.  Most people don’t.

So, as I see it right now, there are a few options:

1 – Borrow an additional $9500 and add it to the loan that I currently have for the Jeep.  That will likely add 2 years or so onto my payments.  Not an entirely bad option really, presuming that I can extend the financing.

2 – Default on the loan and let the bank take back the Jeep. Not a great option by any means.  It would definitely hurt my credit rating and they might try to sue me – not sure on that one but likely.

3 – Save up $9500 to pay for the repair. Bad option as well.  It might take me as long as 2 years to save that kind of coin and I cannot imagine the condition of the Jeep from sitting outside for 2 years without being driven.

So, forgetting about the options there, do I move closer to work and live downtown?  I can leave my current place and stay with the same management company and NOT pay any penalty.  Pretty good actually.  I wouldn’t mind living downtown and being able to walk to work would save me tons of money.

Lots of things to think about, in the back of my mind really.  I don’t worry about such things, no idea how long this will take to play out.

On another front, I received a call from Big Brothers this afternoon and they think they’ve matched me.  Tentatively going to a meeting on Monday night before I head off to Grand Prairie for work.

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