Oh Really?

So, after a week, a finally get a call from the Service Manager at Eastside Chrysler.  As some readers may know, I can be a bit sarcastic and I likely was with him.

He didn’t really have an excuse for not calling me, he did apologize a few times and that is fine and dandy, but, what I would really like more than an apology is an explanation.  Oh well.

So, he’s got good news (and today is backwards day).  They are NOT going to cover my repair under warranty.  Oh really?

There was negligent damage caused, presumably, by me.  There was dirt in the engine and this caused the damage.  I also drove the vehicle too far after it was damaged.  I would estimate that I drove less than 20km after it “clunked”.

So, not too happy about that.  I ask him what the repair costs will be.  He, of course doesn’t have this information – why would he, he’s only the Service Manager.  He’ll have someone else call me with that information.

So, some other guy calls me and leaves a message.  I had to listen to it twice to get it correct.  With tax, a new engine, parts, labour and tax will be just under $9500.  Yes, no problem – proceed with the repair, I carry that kind of cash in my change purse.

I will be fighting with them to get them to cover it.  I may lose, I may win.  I also have a third party warranty.  Who knows…

Anyway, wish me some luck fighting the evil Crysler Empire.  If Lee Iacocca reads, please contact me.

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