Back To Work

It’s Monday.  I know a lot of people don’t like Monday but those people must not like their jobs or something – I have nothing against Mondays at all.

Monday is also, for me, the first day of the week.  Some people say Sunday is the first day of the week – they are wrong, sorry.  It’s called the “weekend” – Saturday and Sunday, the week END.  Get it?  OK, so stop calling Sunday the first day of the week.

In my calendars in Outlook and on my phone, Monday is the first day of the week.  In printed calendars, not that I currently have any, I am pretty sure that Sunday is – I have never seen one printed with Monday at the start.  Someone get on that would ya?

Anyway, back to work this morning.  Today marks the end of my probation period at work.  I have meeting (phone call) scheduled for 10:30 with my boss.  I am also being taken out to lunch today, un-related to my probation being over.

I will also get an update on my Jeep today.  I have not heard from them since Wednesday afternoon.  I will call them before noon if they don’t call me.  So, bus and train this morning.  It’s raining too – that sucks.

Someone told me that Calgary is dry.  Personally, I don’t see it.  Calgary has been anything but dry.

Oh well – so what if I get a little wet getting to work.

Anyway, enjoy your Monday, the first day of the week and also, enjoy your week.


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