Umpiring Today

I had to arrange for a ride today so that I could do the double header that I am scheduled for.  Not having a vehicle is a major inconvenience.  I have had a car since I was 24 – very convenient.  I am sure that I could get to the park that I am going to via bus, in fact I know that I could, but, there is a fair amount of equipment that one needs to bring when you are umpiring.

Luckily, my partner said that he would pick me up – my thanks.

I am scheduled to umpire at the same park this coming Friday and then again on Sunday.  I do hope that I have my Jeep for Friday.  If not, I guess I will be emailing my partner for that evening and seeing if he can pick me up.  I will need to make some sort of decision by Tuesday or Wednesday I would guess – if I need to drop the game, I need to give the scheduler some time to find a replacement.  I don’t think that will be too hard right now as there aren’t too many games anyway so someone should take it without any problems.

I am doing the bases on Friday so I could take the bus there as well – not sure on timing.  It isn’t too far really, but I don’t know the bus routes to that part of the city – at all.  Guess we will see.

So, in short (and nothing I ever speak about is “in short”), I want my Jeep back.  Thank you.  🙂


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