The weekend

I was off yesterday – did I mention that?  Not sure…

Still no Jeep.  Still no call from the dealer that I took it to.  Insane.

I should have called them yesterday, but I got side-tracked.  I did call today but of course the service manager was not in.  I have NEVER heard from the initial service advisor that took me in when I brought it in on TUESDAY.  It’s now SATURDAY.  Brutal.

Well, once I get it back, I will be speaking with the owner or manager or someone and will tell them that I am not satisfied with the shitty customer service.  Will they care?  Likely not.  I hate dealerships.

Anyway, it was nice having yesterday off.  I didn’t do a lot.  I did go to a retirement party at a bar downtown, Amsterdam Rhino – good food and good drinks.  I would like to wish JF all the best in his retirement.

Today, I did some gallivanting with SH.  We had breakfast, went to Sunridge Mall then Cross Roads Market.  Not a bad day at all.

I actually made it through a weekend day without having a nap.  Imagine that eh?

Walked to Wal-Mart tonight to get the dogs some food.  They will be happy.  Well, mostly anyway.  Blondie is now back in her crate when I am not home.  She decided to do some chewing on the couch.  Didn’t do much damage to the leather, she chewed the underside of the middle cushion.  At any rate, she will be crated for a few months at least.  I will play it by ear.

Tomorrow, I umpire a double header.  I think it’s Senior ball so it should be all right.

Monday is my 3 month anniversary at work and is the end of my probation.  Next week I am off to Grand Prairie for 3 days.

Lots of fun coming up.

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