Great customer service…

As faithful readers know, my Jeep has been in for service for the last few days.

I brought it in on Tuesday – someone screwed up and didn’t book my appointment but that wasn’t a big deal, they took me in right away.

I was called an hour or so later and asked to provide my service records.  I faxed them in and was called again and told that I would be called on Wednesday.

By noon, I had not received a call.  I called the service advisor and left a message.  I still had not received a call back by 3pm so I called back and this time spoke with the service manager.

He told me that he would call me today, this afternoon to be specific.  Nothing.

So, my simple question is why do people say that they will call with an update or whatever and then not do it?  Do they not realize that I am without a vehicle and perhaps, just perhaps I would like to get mine back?  Do they care?  No, they don’t.

After the sale is made, they don’t care. They don’t care about the products they sell nor the people that they sell them to.  We’ve got your 40 grand, now, fuck off.

I think it sucks.  It’s not just the auto industry although that is a good example and a current example.

So, I presume that I will hear back from them tomorrow, but, I am not sure.  If I don’t hear back by noon, perhaps I will call again.

I can assure them of one thing.  They won’t get any of my future business – ever.  You know why?  Because you don’t care about your customers. All it takes is a bit of follow-up.  That’s it.

Well, there are lots of other Jeep dealers in the city of Calgary and perhaps, just perhaps, one of them will care.  We’ll see.


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2 Responses to Great customer service…

  1. rubentest14 says:

    I’ve had similar experiences – in many different industries. What I do is call them every 5 minutes and ask for an update. “is it ready?”, “how about now?”, “now?”. Eventually they get pissed off and say they’ll call me when it’s ready. I flat out tell them I don’t believe them – “you told me you’d call me yesterday afternoon and you didn’t, why should I believe you now?”. They eventually get the message.
    A slight variant of this is going up the chain. If someone says they’ll call you at some time and doesn’t, call in and ask to speak to a supervisor / manager / owner. When you get them on the line ask for the status. I was once able to speak to a VP of a telecom company to get an answer to an issue that the entry level customer service rep should have been able to handle. Believe me, they’re not happy when they have to waste their time. Another approach is to call the owner AT HOME after business hours. Google can be a wonderful friend for this.

  2. kdarcy21 says:

    I am not going to complain too much until I have my Jeep back… I don’t want to piss them off until they have serviced it, no sense in irritating them when they “might” be able to help me out. Once I get it back, believe me, the owner or general manager will get an earful and they have lost my business at this point.

    Customer service is pretty easy – people need to care about what they do is all. Car dealers are happy to make the sale but once you’ve left with your new vehicle, they could care less…

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