More on the Jeep

I had not heard from Chrysler this morning by noon so I decided to call them.  No answer from the service advisor so I left a message.

I still had not heard back by 3pm so I called their general number.  I discovered that the service advisor that I had dealt with the day before was off.  Nice.

OK, if you are going to be off, perhaps you should not say that you will call a person the next morning.  Just an idea here.  I think that a LOT of people have lost the ability to perform customer service.

Anyway, I spoke with the service manager.  He was helpful.

He called me back and although he “doesn’t know if it will be covered under warranty”, he’d like my permission to take the engine apart to see what the issue is.  Bull-shit you don’ t know – like the call isn’t yours and like all dealerships that I have dealt with, you aren’t going to do your best to stick me with the bill.

Well, you know something, that ain’t going to work with me.  You might be able to push some people around and bull shit your way into getting your own way and screwing over your customers, but, and this is a BIG BUT, I am pretty used to getting my own way and have been practicing for nearly 41 years.  Oh, and I don’t like being screwed over either.

So, I will hear back from him tomorrow.  I am looking forward to it.


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