Stampede, vacation – wrapping up

Today is the last day of the 100th Calgary Stampede and also the last day of my vacation.  It was a good week off, that’s for sure.

I did enough relaxing and enough running around doing cool stuff.

Made a couple of trips to Stampede.  BP, SH and I were there again last night – the fireworks were good.  Lasted 15 – 20 minutes and were being fired off from multiple locations around the park.

It did rain a bit but that didn’t spoil anyone’s fun.  SH bought herself a cowgirl hat – looked good on her.  Now she needs to get jeans and a pair of cowboy boots – in time…

My Jeep is going in for service tomorrow.  I am hoping that it will be covered under warranty and I think it should be – I still have power train warranty for another 6k or so.  I am dropping it off early and then taking the train to work.  Unfortunately, this will mean that BP will need to take a taxi to the airport – I don’t want to drive it 40-50km (return) in its present condition.  It is knocking quite badly and was also starting to over-heat yesterday.

I have to go out and check the coolant levels and also give it a good cleaning.  I purchased some engine shampoo so I am going to use that plus clean the interior again.

So, back to work tomorrow for me.  I am actually looking forward to it.  I was off for one hell of a long time before starting at BDO and I really didn’t need a week off as yet.  I head to Grand Prairie in a few weeks so that will be good. I am hoping that Zeus and Blondie don’t mind spending the few days in doggie day care.

Not sure what is on tap for today, other than cleaning the Jeep up some.  Our options are sort of limited since I don’t have a vehicle that I want to drive too much…  I think after I zip into the car wash, I will go across the street to the Co-Op to get some steaks for dinner and that’s pretty much it for driving for the day.

Well, the Stampede was fun – here is to another 100 years !!!

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