Finding a place to eat…

So we decided to go out to eat tonight.  The main reason being that my Jeep is not in optimal driving condition right now and it was pouring rain.  Someone told me that Calgary is in the middle of a desert climate.  OK, fair enough…  I am wondering though, have those people ever been to Calgary?  Thus far, I think it is the wettest place that I have ever lived.

I got sidetracked there…

I didn’t want to walk to one of the grocery stores to pick up steaks or whatever for dinner.  I txted SH and asked if she wanted to go to the Olive Garden for dinner.  OK, she says, yes.  Awesome – do you mind picking us up as well?

So, SH picks us up and off we go to the Olive Garden.  Well, there is at least an hour wait there.  Ummm, no.  Next door is Red Lobster.  An hour wait there.  Again, no.  Next to that is The Keg – the lineup is to the door.

Well, where to go?

Bill suggests going to Moxie’s.  I think that I mentioned it when we went to Earl’s on his first day, so, I program it in my GPS and off we go.

Food, atmosphere and company were great.  We were there from about 7pm until almost 11pm and had a good time.

Anyway, I didn’t think it would be such a challenge finding a place to eat on a Sunday night.  Maybe a combination of Stampede, rain, etc., forced everyone out of their houses and into a restaurant.

BP leaves in the morning.  I don’t want to drive the Jeep to the airport and back until it is fixed, so, unfortunately he will be taking a taxi to the airport.  I’ve arranged for it to pick him up at 05:00.  We are getting up around 04:00 – oh, won’t that be fun.

I hope that you had a good time BP – have a safe trip home !!!


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