Another Stampede Run?

Today has been a good and bad day.

Started out with a buffet breakfast at Smitty’s with BP & SH – awesome food there and one of the best breakfast buffets that I have had recently.  We then went to the Cross Roads Market and did a tour there and then dropped by a Jeep show for a bit.

Speaking of Jeeps, mine isn’t too healthy at the moment.  It is going in first thing Monday morning.  The engine is knocking quite a lot.  A few people at the Jeep show have suggested a couple of things – guess we will see on Monday.  I will have to clean it up tomorrow for sure.  It is quite dirty.  Anyway, I am within the power train warranty so it shouldn’t cost me anything.

This does however screw up plans to go to Montana and Lethbridge tomorrow – I am not driving the Jeep anywhere right now.    A round trip is about 40 km or so and I really don’t want to be doing that at the moment.

So, tonight we are supposed to hit Stampede again and catch some of the fireworks – should be a good time.  Going to txt SH after dinner which consists of Knock your Socks Off Chicken.  BP should enjoy, as long as he doesn’t catch fire.

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