A Friday to relax

Today was pretty well a day to relax.  Started out with breakfast at Smitty’s – not bad at all, a little pricey, but good. Both BP and I had naps after breakfast.  I woke up again at 10:30, lazy boy slept until noon.

We were going to go to Canada Olympic Park in the afternoon to try the zip line and bobsled, but instead we just took it easy.  Again, I had a nap.  I love napping while I am off – one of the best things to do on a day off.  The dogs can always be tempted into napping as well.

Tonight we drove to Marble Slab for an ice cream – so good and about 1/2 of the price of the one in St. Catharines too.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we are heading back to the Stampede.  We are starting the day going for a buffet breakfast followed by a tour of the Crossroads Market.

BP heads back to Ontario on Monday and I head back to work.  My week off has flown by – only two more days.

Enjoy your weekend.


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