Canada Olympic Park

BP and I visited COP yesterday morning.  We went to the top of the ski jump tower and watching some of the zip-liners do their thing.  Looked pretty cool for sure.  I would have tried it myself, but we are going to go back on Saturday morning I think and do it then, as well as the bob sled.  Should be awesome.

They have what looks like a pretty cool summer camp for kids at COP.  There were hundreds of mountain bikers going EVERYWHERE.  The ski lift that we also did was very cool.  There were racks for the mountain bikes – a convenient way to climb the hill for sure.  Before I saw the racks on the chair lift, I was wondering how the kids got their bikes to the top of the course.  I would not want to walk up the hill, never mind walk up the hill pushing a bike and I would never consider riding my bike up the hill…  Quite an insane idea.

The course looked challenging.  I am sure it would be fun, you’d have to be careful of course, but it looked awesome.

We had a relaxing afternoon and then watched the MLB All-Star game at Boston Pizza.  It wasn’t much of a game really – ended (effectively) in the top of the first inning when the National League scored 5 runs.  The AL pitching wasn’t good – at all.  Several bad plays by numerous players ensured that the Nationals were taking it.  Oh well – guess the AL didn’t want home field advantage for the play-offs – AGAIN.

Today, I think we are hitting Stampede.  I think it opens around 10am, not sure.  I guess I should check that out.

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