The vacation continues…

BP arrived safe and sound yesterday.  His flight was late.  Three whole minutes.  Damn planes…  Parking at the airport was pretty reasonable.  I was there for about 45 minutes and it was just over $6 – not too bad really.

So, on BP’s day 1, we did some shopping at Sunridge Mall, he bought himself a cowboy hat.  We had lunch at Earls on 16 Avenue.  We took it easy yesterday afternoon, watched most of the home run hitting contest and had BBQ chicken for dinner.

I met up with my ex roommate last evening as well.  He’s been banned from the complex by the police – that’s a good thing.  He wanted to know if I would let him move back in – ummm, let me think about that.  No.  So, he’s going to arrange to get his stuff and I think that chapter will close.  He was sober and apologized for being an “ass”.  Well, you were more than an ass, but I accept.

BP hit bed early – the time difference plus the fact that he had been up since about 2am killed him – he crashed before 11pm.  Can’t say that I blame him.

Anyway, I think we are touring Canada Olympic Park today and perhaps the Spark Science Centre as well.  I would also like to go to the Calgary Tower.  We have to hit Stampede, I know we are going on Saturday with a co-worker from my work but I think we will hit it before then as well.  I would like to get an off-roading trip in somewhere, that will depend on my buddy being available to go out – off-roading alone isn’t a good idea.  We are planning on going to Edmonton and visiting the West Edmonton mall (Friday, I think) and Sunday we are heading to Montana and the on the way back stopping in Lethbridge to catch the Okotok Dawgs playing the Lethbridge team.  I also want to go back to Smitty’s for their breakfast buffet this weekend – AWESOME food.  Maybe I will see if SH wants to join us on Saturday.

So, all in all, it will be a busy week.

I was accepted as a Big Brother on Friday.  The Little Brother that they wanted to connect me with has already been matched so now the case-worker will find another match.  I am sure that will proceed next week or so.

Well, time to start my day – enjoy yours.

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