Calgary’s Finest

Last night (and early this morning) were interesting, that’s for sure.

My roommate (ex roommate now I suppose) likes to have a drink or two (or twelve) and he isn’t one of the nicest drunks in the world.  Before he moved in, he said something along the line of “oh, I have an occasional drink”.  Oh really?

Anyway, so last night he is fairly toasty.  Now I have been drunk on a few occasions, I will not deny it.  When I am drunk though, and I am sure people will attest, I am sillier than I normally am – if you can imagine that.  When FM is drunk, he becomes a tad too argumentative and hostile – those are not good qualities of a drunk.

So, I am playing a video game last night on my computer and FM asks me to drive him somewhere.  Well, I can’t because I have had a couple of drinks myself and I am not one to drink and drive – I guess, in looking back, that is what started the argument.

While going back downstairs, he trips over my fan that is in the doorway between the living room and kitchen.  He knocks a bunch of other crap over as well so I yell at him.  I really don’t like to be in the company of drunk people.  They of course think they are hilarious when drunk – the sober people of course think that they are idiots.  I am sure that people really didn’t want to hang around me back in my late teens and early 20s when I was pounding back a few.

So, our argument over the fact that I won’t drive him somewhere escalates and he at one point threatened me – I don’t exactly remember why.  At this point, I told him that I thought it was a good idea that he find another place to live.  Now comes the sob story that essentially, the whole world is against him and I am picking on him.

Over the next 1/2 hour or so, he threatens me, wants me to go outside, wants me to “go home”, this is “my town” (um, from what you have told me, you are from Winnipeg, Manitoba, so I don’t think Calgary is “your” town) and he takes 2 swings at me (I am able to duck under them) and pushes me, twice I fall – once I am not expecting it and the second time I trip over the Jeep roof in my kitchen (ok, that’s another story).

I told him that no, I am not going to fight him and I am not going to put up with him shoving me – I told him if he did it one more time that I would have to call the police.

He challenged me to call them saying “the police know all about me” and shoved me again.  OK, fine – grab the phone, dial 9-1-1.

Didn’t take long for the police to pick up, the dispatcher is getting the information, etc.  About 5 minutes later the police arrive and escort him, not arrest, to some sort of “detox” centre for him to sober up.

I am told that if he returns, I am to call the police again and he will be arrested.  OK, fair enough.

I decided to wait up for my second roommate – this one, HT is a normal person…

Around 11/11:30, there is a knock at the door.  Now, in the meantime, I have asked the building manager for the complex that I live in to see if she can find me new locks for the doors so my first thought is that it’s here.  Nope, FM has taken a cab back here – nice.

Anyway, with my other roomies assistance, we are able to shut the door and lock it – I also lock the windows.

I call the police as I have been told to do and this time, it takes MUCH longer for them to answer the call – now that is something I have not experienced when calling 9-1-1 in the past.

I explain that my roommate has tried to get back into the house after I have kicked him out and the police have taken him to “sober up” for the night.  She indicates that they are very busy tonight and that an officer will be there as soon as possible.  I am just about to hang up with her when I hear smashing glass in the basement.

After I tell her this, her tune changes and she informs me that the police are on their way, immediately.  FM has broken the window to the basement (where his room is) and I can hear him downstairs.

Six officers arrive in less than 2 minutes and in looking at the broken window, they say something like, “there is no way he climbed through there”.

Well, they go downstairs and sure enough, there he is.  Now, he’s escorted out, this time wearing cuffs and he’s under arrest – for forcible entry as far as I am aware.

I have to fill in a police report and finally hit bed around 2am.

So, he’s been kicked out – this is a good thing.  His crap is still here, that isn’t good.  I need to change the locks today and arrange for him to get his crap.  The police told me to call them to arrange to have them here when he picks up his stuff – very nice.

I am hoping that this saga will end and that he doesn’t carry on or something…

Guess we will see.  I can move to another property that this company owns without breaking my lease – that’s a good thing.  Might go that route, depending on what goes on in the next few weeks.

More updates to come, I am sure, but, if it’s all the same to you, I hope I don’t have to update this story and that it ends here.

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