It’s Saturday

It is only 8:45 and I have already been a busy boy.

I was up shortly before 6am, sort of sucks that I don’t sleep in, but I catch up in the winter.  Went to Wal-Mart or as Magoons likes to call it, Wally World.  Had to pick up some sheets for BP’s bed while he is staying in Calgary – also purchased him a pillow – what a nice friend I am, eh?

I have to mail DB’s birthday gift to him.  I am unsure if it will arrive by his birthday on the 11th or not but it’ll be close.  I have to hit the Sunridge Mall again (return something) and the bank and Cross Roads Market – shaping up to be a busy morning.

The Calgary Stampede will be in full swing now.  I may stop by at some point today, not sure.  Don’t really want to go by myself, but, I wouldn’t mind getting a feel for what is there before BP arrives on Monday.

Today is also the first day of my vacation – yesterday was Stampede Day so the office was closed.  The party out in Okotoks was great – good band, great food.  Very nice ranch with amazing views – I am surprised that she ever wants to come to Calgary to work.

Well, seeing as the bank opens in 15 minutes, as does the market, I guess I am off.  Enjoy your weekend.

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