On Vacation

OK, I know some of you might be thinking.  Didn’t he just start at his new job?  Well, yes, I have only been there for 2.5 months, this is true.

when BP said that he’d like to come out to Stampede (which, by the way, starts today), I said that I would ask if I could take this week off.

I wasn’t sure it would be approved and if it wasn’t, that was OK with me.  No problem on the “being off” front.  I had to check with some co-workers in other offices to ensure that they would be around and then, low and behold, I am off.

So, BP arrives on Monday, 11:10am MT.  He finally sent his flight details.

I am sure it is going to be a busy week.  The MLB All-Star game is Wednesday night which means that Tuesday it will be the home run contest.  I think we will hit Boston Pizza for the All-Star game.  Not sure where we will go for the home run contest – perhaps just stick around the homestead.

I have a mission this morning.  I have to clean my Jeep.  If I don’t do it, I have to pay someone to do it for me.  Either way, it has to be done.  I am thinking I may just take it over to the Husky and use their industrial vacuum and also use their pressure washers – that should do it.  I will also need some paper towels and Windex like stuff – the nose prints on the windows is quite nuts.

The BDO Stampede Party is this afternoon and evening.  Should be a good time.  It is just south of Calgary in Okotoks.  I don’t have an actual address but I think I’ve found where it is on Google Maps and I’ve gotten the GPS coordinates.  At any rate, I have coordinates for somewhere in Okotoks.  That’s where we are going.

There will be 3 passengers coming along with me from BDO.  Xena, Chewie and another, unnamed person.  This is the primary reason that I need to clean the Jeep.  The other non-primary reason is because it is REALLY dirty.

So, that is my plan for today.  Fairly ambitious, I know.  But, as long as I can pull myself away for a bit, it will be done.

Happy Stampeding to all !!!

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