A bad used car experience

I was reminded of this event that occurred just over a year ago.  I was thinking of purchasing a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and I did an internet search for one.

I located one that was in the range of years that I was looking at with the appropriate mileage.

This email was received today from them:

===== THEIR EMAIL =====

Hello Kevin,

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We offer you:

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Mark Wilson’s Better Used Cars

I laughed a little bit after reading that.  I have not heard from them in over a year, May 2011 to be more precise.  Here is my reply to their email:

===== REPLY =====

Hi there,

I have moved to Alberta so I would like to be removed from your mailing list.
If I was still in Ontario, I must say that from my first experience with you, I would never purchase a vehicle through your company.
A little over a year ago, I was searching for a Wrangler Unlimited.  I found one at your dealership.
I called and enquired about it – don’t remember now who I spoke with but this particular sales rep did not get back to me in 4 business days.
I called back and asked to speak with the Sales Manager and was put through.  I will admit that I was a bit sarcastic with him, which, in my opinion I had every right to be.  He was down right rude to me and threatened to hang up if I didn’t cut out my sarcasm.  Here’s a hint – if a customer is sarcastic, you put up with it – you’re in sales.
Anyway, I expressed my concern with the first sales person I spoke with and was assured that this is not the way that your company conducts business.  He called me back in an hour, as promised, and put me in touch with a finance guy.  He called me back, not the next day (as promised) but over a week later.
At this point, I had pretty well determined that I was not going to purchase this vehicle through you, but I gave him another chance.
After another 3 days of not hearing anything (after being promised a return call the next day), I purchased a vehicle elsewhere.
About a week later, I received a call from another manager or someone similar, I believe that his last name was Wilson.
I explained my issue(s) to him and he seemed sympathetic, but, since I had already purchased a 2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, the exact vehicle that I was trying to purchase through you, I was no longer interested.
He asked me to send the exact email that I am sending tonight.  So, a year later, I received an email from you so I figured I would reply, expressing my concern.
So, to summarize:
First sales guy NEVER returned my call
When I called back and asked to speak with the Sales Manager, he was a complete moron with no concept of customer service – he at least started the ball rolling with the finance guy
The finance guy did not follow up with me as promised and eventually lost the sale
Over a week or ten days later, another follow-up – too little, too late
I understand that this may have been a series of bad happenings that would normally not occur – if they did, you would not be in business.  However, you lost my business a year ago and because of my experience, I would never give you the opportunity again.  I wouldn’t go out of my way to bad mouth you, but, if anyone ever asked me, I would relate this story.
The email address that you likely have on file that I would like removed is kdarcy21@gmail.com.
All the best – please treat your next customer better than you treated me.
Kevin D’Arcy
===== IN SUMMARY =====
I have nothing against them and I would not have made this entry had they not emailed me today.  I find it a little funny that they email me after a year though, very odd.
I took a quick look at their web site and don’t really recognize any of the names.
The really funny part is that my email to them bounced.  Apparently, info@markwilson.com (Or whatever it is) bounced back to me.  So, I guess they won’t see this.  Oh well.

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